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You’re a masterpiece, radiating beauty, self-expression, and immeasurable value. We understand the importance of skin that boosts your confidence. Say goodbye to peach fuzz on your cheeks! We provide a comprehensive range of full face waxing options, including chin, cheek, lip, ear, nose, neck, sideburn, and eyebrow waxing.

Our precise facial wax adheres to your facial hair, ensuring complete removal and revealing soft, smooth skin that becomes the center of attention. If you’re seeking a wax salon that offers cheek hair removal, chin waxing, sideburn waxing, or lip waxing near you, look no further than Masi Nails Art.

First-time visitors can enjoy a complimentary ear, nose, or eyebrow wax as a special offer. Book your reservation today and unlock the secret to radiant, flawless skin that enhances your natural beauty.

How Full Face Waxing Enhances Beauty?

Full face waxing is more than just hair removal; it is a transformative process that sculpts and shapes your facial features to enhance your natural beauty.

  • Defined and Symmetrical Features:

Our expert technicians skillfully shape and define your brows, upper lip, chin, and cheeks, creating well-defined, symmetrical facial features that beautifully frame your face.

  • Instant Lift and Radiance:

Well-groomed facial features can instantly lift and brighten your entire face, giving you a youthful and refreshed appearance. Our full face waxing removes unwanted hair and creates clean, well-arched brows, smooth upper lip, and a polished chin, resulting in a radiant and rejuvenated look.

  • Enhanced Expressions:

The right shape and grooming of your brows, upper lip, and chin can enhance your facial expressions, making them more noticeable and expressive. Our expert technicians tailor the waxing process to suit your preferences, allowing your personality to shine through with confidence, elegance, or playfulness.

  • Streamlined Beauty Routine:

Maintaining perfectly shaped facial features can save time in your daily beauty routine. With well-groomed brows, a smooth upper lip, and a polished chin, you can achieve a polished look with minimal makeup, ensuring you look fabulous and ready to take on the world.

Our Quick Services:

  • Full Face Waxing:

Our highly skilled technicians at our establishment utilize top-notch wax and precise methods to eliminate unwanted hair from your eyebrows, upper lip, chin, and cheeks. The outcome is a flawlessly groomed face that accentuates your inherent beauty.

  • Eyebrow Threading:

Indulge in the age-old Indian art of eyebrow threading, adapted for the contemporary world. Our proficient technicians employ a 100% cotton thread to precisely target and remove even the most delicate hairs, leaving you with exquisitely shaped eyebrows.

  • Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting:

Elevate your eyebrows and lashes with our tinting services. Our professionals leverage their expertise to deliver uniform and enduring color, lending definition and depth to your facial features.

Our Quick Services Discover the Masi Nails Art Difference:

Unleash the Power of Flawless Facial Features with our Expert Full-Face Waxing Services in Vancouver.

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Remember, the power of flawless facial features can transform your entire presence!

Your Questions & Answers Regarding Our Full Face Waxing Services

Waxing is an effective method of removing hair from the roots using a sticky substance, typically wax. The wax adheres to the body hair, pulling the hair out from the follicles when removed.

Hair removal wax usually consists of beeswax, tree sap or gum extracts (known as rosin or rosin), water, pine resins, and natural oils.

Waxing is done by applying wax to the skin in the direction of hair growth. The wax is then covered with a cloth strip that is firmly pressed. One hand holds the skin taut to remove the wax while the cloth strip is quickly pulled away from the hair growth.

The pain level experienced during waxing varies based on individual tolerance and the expertise of the aesthetician. Applying numbing cream can make the procedure less painful, but it should be applied an hour before the appointment to allow it to take effect. A pain reliever like ibuprofen 30-45 minutes before waxing can also help alleviate discomfort.

For effective waxing, the hair should be at least 1/4 inch long (about the size of a grain of rice). If the hair is shorter, waxing cannot be performed, and rescheduling may be necessary. If the hair is longer (3/4-inch or more), trimming it shorter is recommended, although the aesthetician can also do this.

On average, it is advisable to avoid shaving for 7-10 days before waxing, although this can vary depending on the individual.

After the initial waxing session, the results typically last around six weeks, depending on hair growth, the waxed area, and the accuracy of the application. Regular waxing appointments may result in slower hair regrowth and less pain.

The recommended time between waxing sessions is typically 4-5 weeks, depending on the waxed body part.

Waxing is not a permanent method for hair removal. However, regular waxing causes hair growth to slow and regrowth to be finer and sparser. It is critical to avoid shaving between waxing appointments because it negates the benefits of waxing.

It is advisable to consult with a doctor before undergoing waxing during pregnancy. If the doctor approves, waxing is generally considered safe.

Common side effects are temporary redness, irritation, and itching immediately after waxing. Resisting the urge to scratch is important, as it may lead to skin tears or scarring. For individuals with sensitive skin, additional side effects may include:

  • Temporary bumps: Applying a soothing cream or balm can help alleviate these bumps, which usually subside within a few hours.
  • Rashes: If a rash persists for more than a day or spreads, discontinue using any products and seek medical advice.
  • Allergic reaction: If hives, itchiness, or a red rash occurs, discontinue the use of wax immediately. Pore bleeding or “pinpoint bleeding” is a normal occurrence and indicates successful hair removal from the root.
  • Infection: In rare cases of bleeding or skin damage, consult a doctor if swelling or oozing at the waxing site.

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