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Pedicure Shellac Manicure: Elevate Your Foot Care Experience

In a world where first impressions matter, every detail counts, especially when enhancing the beauty of your feet. At Masi Nails Art, we offer the Pedicure Shellac experience that transcends the ordinary. Our mission is simple: to elevate women’s beauty and empower them with confidence, one stunning pedicure at a time.

With our exceptional services and attention to detail, we have become a shining star in the industry, setting the standard for excellence in foot care. Step into our salon and discover how our Pedicure Shellac Vancouver will take your beauty to new heights.

What is Pedicure Shellac?

Pedicure Shellac is a revolutionary treatment that combines the best of a traditional pedicure with the long-lasting benefits of Shellac polish. It involves expertly grooming your feet, removing calluses, and shaping your nails, followed by applying Shellac polish.

Shellac is a hybrid nail polish cured under a UV or LED lamp, resulting in a smudge-proof, chip-resistant, and high-gloss finish.

Why Do Canadians Flock For Pedicure Shellac More Than Regular Pedicures?

Because pedicure shellac is demanded for its prolific advantages such as:

Long-Lasting Results:

Unlike traditional pedicures that may last a week or two, Pedicure Shellac can maintain its flawless appearance for up to three weeks. The durable Shellac polish resists chipping, smudging, and fading, ensuring your pedicure stays fresh and beautiful for an extended period.

Quick Drying Time:

With PediCure Shellac, you don’t have to wait for your polish to dry. The UV or LED lamp used in the curing process ensures rapid and thorough drying, allowing you to put on your shoes and continue your day immediately after your pedicure.

High-Gloss Finish:

Shellac polish delivers a stunning, high-gloss finish that instantly enhances the appearance of your feet. The impeccable shine adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to your pedicure, leaving you confident and ready to show off your beautiful nails.

Smudge-Proof and Chip-Resistant:

One of the most sought-after qualities of Shellac polish is its smudge-proof and chip-resistant nature. This means you can confidently walk out of the salon, knowing your pedicure is protected against everyday wear and tear.

Shellac Pedicure Services: The Ultimate in Long-Lasting Beauty

Our Shellac pedicure services offer several advantages over regular pedicures. But, before learn how it differs from the regular pedicure services.

Difference Between Regular and Shellac Pedicures:

While regular pedicures involve traditional polish that can chip and fade easily, Shellac pedicures utilize a special formula that bonds to the nails, providing a longer-lasting, chip-resistant finish. The curing process under a UV or LED lamp ensures a rapid dry time, eliminating the risk of smudging.


Shellac pedicures provide a range of benefits, including extended wear time, exceptional durability, and a high-gloss, salon-quality finish.

The chip-resistant nature of Shellac polish keeps your pedicure looking fresh and flawless for weeks.

Shellac Pedicure Process – How We Do it?

The Shellac pedicure process at Masi Nails Art begins with expert foot care, including nail trimming, cuticle grooming, and callus removal.

The Shellac polish is then meticulously applied and cured under a UV or LED lamp for a beautiful, long-lasting result.

Tips to Keep Shellac Pedicure for Longer Time:

To maintain your Shellac pedicure, we recommend avoiding excessive exposure to harsh chemicals, wearing protective footwear, and regularly moisturizing your feet.

Following these tips will help extend the lifespan of your pedicure, keeping it beautiful and intact for as long as possible.

Masi Nails Art: Your Quick Solution to Pedicure in Vancouver Downtown

At Masi Nails Art, we take great pride in offering the best pedicure services in Vancouver Downtown, and our PediCure Shellac Manicure is no exception.

Our experienced technicians are highly skilled in foot care and specialize in delivering flawless Shellac pedicures that exceed expectations.

How We Guarantee the Best Pedicure Across Vancouver?

  • Expert Technicians – Our technicians are well-trained, experienced, and passionate about providing exceptional pedicure services. They stay updated with the latest techniques and trends in foot care to ensure you receive the highest quality and precision.


  • Premium Products – We use only the best products for our pedicure services. From nourishing foot soaks to top-quality Shellac polishes, we prioritize using premium brands and materials that deliver outstanding results.
  • Personalized Approach – At Masi Nails Art, we understand that clients have unique preferences and needs. We take the time to listen and consult with you to create a pedicure tailored to your specific requirements. We aim to ensure your utmost satisfaction and create an experience that exceeds your expectations.

Indulge in Self-Care!

One of life’s greatest joys is giving our hardworking limbs the pampering they deserve. What better way to unwind and relax than with a soothing massage and a revitalizing treatment for your nails and toes?

Taking the time for grooming is not just a luxury; it is a way to express self-respect and honor our bodies. The skilled hands of a professional can work wonders, transforming your face and brows with the simple yet powerful “thread” technique.

Whether you have an upcoming vacation, a holiday party, or simply want to prolong the life of your pedicure, Shellac is the ideal nail polish for you. Experience the magic of 14+ days of impeccable performance, dazzling crystal shine, zero drying time, and effortless removal in just five minutes. With a Shellac pedicure, you can enjoy long-lasting beauty without the worry of frequent touch-ups.

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Offering the Best Paraffin Treatment in Vancouver At Masi Nails Art

At Masi Nails Art, we offer the best paraffin treatment in Vancouver. Our salon is dedicated to providing a truly cherished experience, combining expertise, top-quality products, and a serene ambiance. Here’s what our paraffin treatment involves:

  • An openhearted environment where you can unwind and escape from the outside world.
  • Highly skilled technicians who prioritize your comfort, safety, and satisfaction
  • Premium-grade paraffin wax ensures optimal results and a luxurious sensory experience.
  • Personalized attention to your unique needs and preference
  • Complementary skin care services, including manicures, pedicures, and nail enhancements, to complete your pampering session.


Ready to treat your feet to an unforgettable Paraffin Treatment?

Book your appointment at Masi Nails Art today and experience the epitome of Relaxation and rejuvenation in Vancouver.

Questions & Answers

A: On average, a Pedicure Shellac Manicure appointment at Masi Nails Art takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the complexity of the design and any additional services requested.

A: Getting a Pedicure Shellac Manicure is generally safe if you have sensitive skin. However, informing our technicians about any allergies or sensitivities you may have is always advisable, so they can take the necessary precautions and select products suitable for your skin.

A: One of the many advantages of a Pedicure Shellac Manicure is that the Shellac polish is instantly dry and hardened under the UV or LED lamp. This means you can confidently wear closed-toe shoes without worrying about smudging or damaging your beautiful pedicure.

A: While we always recommend having your Shellac polish professionally removed at our salon to ensure the health and integrity of your nails, if you choose to remove it at home, you can gently buff the top layer of the polish and soak your nails in acetone. However, it is important to exercise caution and avoid scraping or peeling the polish off to prevent damage to the natural nails.

A: While it is possible to apply regular nail polish over a Shellac pedicure, it is important to note that adding additional layers may affect the longevity and durability of the Shellac polish. We recommend consulting with our technicians at Masi Nails Art for the best advice on maintaining the integrity of your pedicure.

A: If you have an ingrown toenail, it is advisable to seek treatment and resolution before getting a Pedicure Shellac Manicure. Our technicians prioritize the health and well-being of your feet and will recommend the appropriate course of action to address any foot concerns before proceeding with the pedicure.

A: When performed by our skilled technicians using proper techniques and quality products, a Pedicure Shellac Manicure will not damage your natural nails. Our focus at Masi Nails Art is to promote healthy nail care practices and ensure your nails’ long-term health and beauty.

A: Getting a Pedicure Shellac Manicure while pregnant is generally safe. However, we recommend informing our technicians about your pregnancy so they can adjust the services and products as needed to ensure your comfort and well-being.

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