Shellac Manicure Vancouver

Shellac Manicure Vancouver: Get Long-Lasting & Flawless Nails

Are you searching for a long-lasting manicure that instantly dries with the least chipping, nicks, and smudges? Experience the wonders of Shellac manicure! This groundbreaking gel polish offers a quick and effortless application, providing a stunning manicure for up to 14 days. The greatest advantage? You can leave the spa with perfectly dry nails, bidding farewell to any nail polish mishaps.

At Masi Nails Art, we offer top-quality shellac manicures Vancouver providing beautiful, long-lasting nails that stand the test of time.

What is Shellac Manicure?

Shellac manicure is a cutting-edge nail treatment that combines the strength and durability of gel nails with the quick-drying and easy application of traditional nail polish. It involves applying a specially formulated polish cured under a UV or LED lamp, resulting in a smudge-proof, chip-resistant, and high-gloss finish lasting up to two weeks or more.

This transformative manicure treatment Includes the following:

  • Cuticle work
  • Filing, shaping, and buffing of the nails
  • Hand and arm massage with lavender body lotion

Shellac is a unique type of nail product that combines the qualities of both polish and gel. It offers stronger durability than regular polish but is less resilient than a traditional gel.

Developed by Creative Nail Design, Shellac is applied like polish and then cured using a UV lamp, resulting in a manicure lasting approximately 14 days. However, since it still contains polish, it is susceptible to chipping over time.

Advantages and disadvantages.

When it comes to price, acrylic nails take the lead. They are easily accessible and straightforward to apply. However, it’s important to note that you often get what you pay for.

As acrylic nails begin to lift, they not only appear unsightly but also create a space where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. Soaking the acrylic nails in acetone is recommended to mitigate this, as it provides a basic removal process.

Who Needs Shellac Manicure?

Shellac manicure is perfect for anyone who desires flawless and long-lasting nails. Whether you lead a busy lifestyle, have weak or brittle nails, or simply want a low-maintenance nail solution, a shellac manicure is an excellent choice.

It’s also ideal for special occasions such as weddings, parties, or vacations, where you want your nails to look their best without worrying about constant touch-ups.

Benefits of Shellac Manicure at Masi Nails Art

When you choose Masi Nails Art for your shellac manicure, you can expect a range of benefits:

  • Long-Lasting Durability – Shellac manicure is known for its exceptional durability. The special formula and curing process ensures that your nails remain chip-free and glossy for an extended period.
  • Quick and Easy Application – Unlike traditional nail polish that takes time to dry, shellac manicure is cured under a UV or LED lamp, resulting in a quick and efficient application process. You can leave our salon with fully dried and smudge-proof nails.
  • Wide Range of Colors – Masi Nails Art offers an extensive selection of shellac polish colors to suit every style and occasion. From classic neutrals to vibrant hues and trendy shades, you can express your personality and creativity through your nails.
  • Low-Maintenance – With a shellac manicure, you can say goodbye to constant touch-ups and frequent nail polish changes. The long-lasting nature of shellac ensures that your nails remain flawless, requiring minimal maintenance.

What is Shellac Polish?

The discussion between shellac and gel nails primarily revolves around the formulation used to achieve their similarly shiny and durable appearance. Shellac nails, as mentioned before, are a patented type of polish developed by CND, offering a wide range of more than 100 shades available at certified salons.

Shellac polish combines two different types of nail coatings: gel, which provides durability and nail protection, and traditional nail polish, which contributes color and shine. Shellac is thinner and softer than gel polish but harder than conventional varnish.

On the other hand, gel nails are created using liquid gel—no particular Polish distributor holds exclusivity over this technique. Gel polishes blend acrylic monomers and oligomers that harden when exposed to UV light, resulting in a strong, glossy finish.

Shellac Polish Application

Our salon exclusively utilizes the finest manicure treatment products in the industry, including OPI and the original Shellac nail polishes.

You can trust that our team follows the highest nail hygiene standards, ensuring a calm and immaculate environment. This means our cuticle sticks, files, and buffers are used only once. If you prefer, we can provide them for you to take home.

Difference Between Gel & Shellac Manicure – Choose the Perfect Option for Your Nails

Understanding the difference between gel and Shellac Manicure Vancouver can help you choose the ideal nail treatment for your needs. Let’s explore both options’ pros, cons, uses, and benefits.

Pros and Cons of Gel Manicure:


  • Exceptional durability and strength.
  • Long-lasting results that can last up to three weeks or more.
  • Available in an immense variety of colors and finishes.
  • Provides added strength and protection for weak or brittle nails.


  • Requires more time for application and removal.
  • May require more frequent maintenance appointments.
  • Some gel formulas can be thicker, resulting in a bulkier appearance.
  • The removal process involves soaking and filing, which can weaken the nails if done improperly.

Pros and Cons of Shellac Manicure:


  • Quick and efficient application process.
  • Dries instantly under a UV or LED lamp, eliminating the risk of smudges or smears.
  • Lasts up to two weeks or more with proper care.
  • Provides a high-gloss finish and vibrant color payoff.
  • Gentle removal process that does not require excessive filing or soaking.


  • Not suitable for individuals with severely weak or damaged nails.
  • Limited availability of color options compared to gel manicures.

Uses and Benefits of Shellac Manicure:

Strengthens and Protects – Shellac manicure provides additional protection for your natural nails, making them less prone to breakage and damage.

No Drying Time – With a shellac manicure, you don’t have to worry about waiting for your nails to dry. The UV or LED curing ensures your nails are instantly dry and smudge-proof.

Chip-Resistant – The durable nature of shellac polish makes it highly resistant to chipping, allowing your manicure to look flawless for an extended period.

Low-Maintenance – Shellac manicure requires minimal maintenance compared to traditional nail polish. You can enjoy beautiful nails without the need for constant touch-ups.

What Includes in Shellac Manicure?

Our shellac manicure services at Masi Nails Art encompass the following:

  1. Nail Preparation:

We gently shape and buff your nails, ensuring they are perfectly prepped for the shellac application.

  1. Cuticle Care:

Our technicians carefully push back and trim your cuticles, creating a clean and neat appearance.

  1. Shellac Application:

We apply the selected shellac color to your nails, ensuring even coverage and precise application.

  1. Curing Process:

Your nails are cured under a UV or LED lamp, allowing the shellac to dry and harden instantly.

  1. Finishing Touches:

We apply a top coat for added shine and protection to complete your shellac manicure.

Best Shellac Manicure Near Me – Experience Excellence at Masi Nails Art

When searching for the best shellac manicure services near you in Vancouver, consider the following factors:

  • Reputation and Reviews: Look for a salon with a reputation for delivering high-quality shellac manicure services. Read customer reviews to gain insights into their experiences.
  • Expertise and Experience: Choose a salon with experienced technicians specializing in shellac manicures. They should have the skills and knowledge to provide exceptional results.
  • Hygiene and Sanitation: Ensure the salon follows strict hygiene and sanitation protocols, using sterilized tools and maintaining a clean and comfortable environment.
  • Variety of Shellac Colors: Look for a salon that offers a wide selection of Shellac colors to suit your preferences. Having a range of options allows you to experiment and express your style.
  • Convenient Location: Consider the salon’s location and accessibility to ensure it is convenient for you to visit for your shellac manicure appointments.

Experience Excellence in Shellac Manicure!

Masi Nails Art is your destination for Vancouver’s best shellac manicure services. Choose us for:

  • Personalized Service
  • Exceptional Shellac Manicures
  • Hygienic and Comfortable Environment
  • Expert Nail Technicians
  • Wide Range of Shellac Colors
  • Competitive Pricing

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